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Kira Lee Art

Kira Lee is a Sarasota based artist that incorporates lyrics and quotes into pointillism portraits.

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Artist Statement:

“Art and Artists have always made us look up, feel, and appreciate. We look up to sculptures, painters, musicians, writers, philosophers… any and all creators. They teach us, inspire us, and entertain us.


We put these Artists on a pedestal and worship them. Look up to them. Feel for them, feel with them, and feel because of them. We appreciate them. Time passes and the art they have created fades in our minds but the worship remains.

I want people to remember why we look up to them. Why we Idolize them. I want people to remember what the Artist did to make us feel in the first place. Why we continue to look up. The tiny makings of soul touching art that make up the atoms of the Artist. I want people to see the Art and the Artist at the same time.

No one has ever used hand written words for pointillism before. It’s not a concept I came up with overnight. The process of creating texture and grey scale from typography has been and still is evolving over the years.

I love the idea of creating something with another connected thing. Using theories to outline horn rimmed glasses. Song lyrics twisted and turned into locks of hair. Heart-aching poems carved into crows feet. Culture defining philosophies stitched into a silk robe. Gathering these beautiful writings and celebrating them collectively with something as dynamic as the Artists portrait.

Doing this gives me great pleasure and happiness. I hope the world sees my artwork and feels the same way.” -Kira Lee

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